The European Drug Emergencies Network (Euro-DEN)

The Euro-DEN project was established to address deficiencies in currently available data on acute harm related to recreational drugs. The lead for the project is the Clinical Toxicology Service at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, UK. The overarching objective of the Euro-DEN project is to develop a network of sentinel centres across Europe with a specialist clinical, toxicological and research interest in the adverse consequences of recreational drugs and NPS. The Euro-DEN network currently consists of 30 centres in 21 European Union and neighbouring countries.

A minimum dataset collection tool has been developed to enable collection of data on individual cases including basic demographics, self-reported recreational drugs/NPs used, circumstances of use, clinical features, management and outcome. Using this minimum dataset collection tool, data on emergency room presentations to each of the sentinel centres will be collected. Collection of data will allow analysis not only between different geographical areas, but also over time. This will enable the identification of emerging NPS, along with an understanding of how their pattern of use evolves after their initial emergence. Data on the pattern of toxicity of new NPS will be reported to the EMCDDA early warning system through the REITOX national focal points to inform the risk assessment process for NPS at a European level. 


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