The migration flows have become more complex and comprise a heterogeneous group of individuals, each with potentially different health determinants, needs, and levels of vulnerabilities. Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) migrant populations are among the fastest growing in Europe with 3.4 million of them officially identified in EU member states in 2004 alone. Because of the political economic, health and educational system, Norway is an attractive home to international migrants. Providing health care on equal terms has become a challenge for the health care system all over the world. The concept of equality of access to health care is a central objective of many health care systems and has been an important buttress of the Norwegian National Health Service. The provision of equalitarian health care services to immigrants can represent a challenge to most health care systems, including the Norwegian health care system. Access to health care services is often one of the indicators of equity in health care provision, and access to the primary health care services is an under-researched area among the SSA immigrants in Norway.

The research project will be describing the patterns of use and the barriers to accessing health care among immigrants from SSA living in Norway. This project will be based on the reuse of research data from the Norwegian national registry data and from the NAKMI for the quantitative part of the project. We shall be collecting new data for the qualitative part of the project. For the existing datasets, we shall analyze the pattern of use of healthcare services. New data will be collected to explore access and effective use of healthcare services. The results elucidated from this project will be useful for primary health care professionals, advocacy groups for immigrants’ rights, NGO’s, researchers and policymakers in developing interventions and improve access to health care services and to bring a positive change in immigrants’ health.

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Nina Køpke Vøllestad

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Avdeling for tverrfaglig helsevitenskap (Helsefag)


  • Bernadette Kumar (FHI)
  • Vivian N. Mbanya (Ph.d. student)


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  • Slutt: april 2020
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