Function and disability among patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

As an increasing number of people live with chronic diseases, function and disability have become of primary importance for national and international strategies for health care policy. This is for instance seen in the development of the Norwegian Municipal Patient Registry, which intends to focus on function more than disease. Yet, there is no consensus on defining or measure function. The main objective is to investigate function and disability for different patient populations in primary and specialist care using data from a large database and registers. Further, investigate to what extent the associations between disease specific and generic measures of function vary between patient groups and between patients with the same diagnoses treated in different levels of the health care system. We will also collect data on disease severity, comorbidity, health related quality of life and demographics and use these in our analysis. This type of knowledge will be of importance for quality assurance of the health services. Data on function and disability is important for the patient and highly relevant for treatment and for the costs for society.

We will study patients with musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), since they represent some of the patient groups with the largest burden of disease. We want to have a special focus on low back pain (LBP), neck pain (NP) and widespread pain. LBP and NP, mainly treated in primary health care, but a substantial proportion are referred to specialist health care for examination/evaluation and for treatment.


To understand how function and disability vary between MSD patients in primary and specialized care, and assess how disease affliction, severity and demographics has an impact on function and disability. To assess how well different measures of function and disability capture clinically important aspects. Compare diagnoses, severity and treatment patterns for LBP and NP patients through different registers

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Hilde Stendal Robinson

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Avdeling for tverrfaglig helsevitenskap (Helsefag)



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  • Start: februar 2019
  • Slutt: mai 2025
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