Comparative effectiveness analyses of coordinated care initiatives in Nordic coun

The Coordination Reform represents a comprehensive policy package involving several measures to ensure successful implementation and commitment of the parties. The two most important financial measures of the Coordination Reform include a) municipal co-financing of patients treated in the state owned specialist health care services and b) municipal financial responsibility for patients ready for discharge. A specific element of the Coordination reform is the implementation of a system of local acute services with the aim of reducing hospitals admissions. The main aim of this proposal is to evaluate the effects of the three main measures of the Norwegian coordination reform; a) municipal co-financing of admissions in specialist care, b) municipal responsibility for patients ready for hospital discharge and c) implementation of acute services at municipal Level through a Nordic comparative study. The project will also cover other coordinated care initiatives in the Nordic countries.

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Terje P. Hagen

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  • Start: januar 2015
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