Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Teleglaucoma Screening in Norway (BulbiTech)

Based on the literature, no studies have the conducted a cost-effectivenss analysis for teleglucoma screening technology’s in context of Norway with the use of eye movement tracking technology (EMP) for visual field testing that often use sensitive parameters like SRT’s (Saccadic reaction time). Teleglaucoma screening with improved visual field testing using EMP, can be useful to detect glaucoma patients earlier and can contribute to existing literature on the cost effectiveness of teleglaucoma screening.  
For this purpose and objective of research would be to analyze the cost effectiveness of teleglaucoma screening in Norwegian setting targeted at a population above   40 years. The study population would include patients at risk of glaucoma those with diabetes, hypertension and with family history of disease. The research would also account for two subgroups of at risk population. These would be population at risk that is above the age of 40 and those above the age of 70. The aim of the study is to determine whether teleglaucoma screening is a cost effective alternative for screening at risk glaucoma patients compared to standard inpatient eye examination  (do nothing) alternative as this screening does not actively screen for at risk patients) .

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  • Start: desember 2019
  • Slutt: mai 2020