Initial Development and Validation of the Intentional Cold Exposure- Questionnaire (ICE)

Individuals afflicted by weight, eating, and body image problems often experiment with a surprisingly diverse range of strategies to induce weight loss. Adaptive thermoregulation theories have been popularized in weight loss and fitness magazines, suggesting that exposure to colder temperatures increases brown fat production and boosts carbohydrate metabolism . To date, however, no assessment instrument exists to measure deliberate  exposure to cold temperatures for the purpose of shape or weight control. Moreover, a review of existing assessment instruments that target distinct, yet potentially relevant constructs (i.e., dieting, body image, exercise), revealed no items specific to cold exposure. Thus, very little is known about the frequency or nature of this potentially dangerous type of behavior in either the community-at-large or among persons at-risk for eating  or body image problems. The main aim of this project  is to develop and validate the Intentional Cold Exposure (ICE) self-report questionnaire. It is hypothesized that individuals who show high body dissatisfaction  and greater eating pathology (attitudes and behaviors) will also have higher scores on the ICE. The northern latitude and winter temperatures in Norway offer an ideal opportunity to study this behavior, rendering  this project a unique contribution to the field. We aim to conduct data collection in the winter 2018. To develop the measure, we will recruit a sample of 200 individuals from the community. Participants must be 18 years of age, fluent in Norwegian language, and provide consent. Participants will be asked to fill out the ICE, in addition to measures of eating and body image via an online form. University students will be invited to participate via Nettskjema. Data will be anonymous.

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