Modernizing the GP scheme

We are studying coordination of health care by General Practitioners (GPs) by analysing their decisions regarding continuity of care, treatment, and referral. The project is comparative as data from Denmark and Norway will be combined in several analyses.
The project is directly related to structural, organizational and financial aspects that i) hinder and foster coordinated and integrated health services, and ii) that contribute to a sustainable health sector with greater equality among users of equal need. Furthermore, one main point is to emphasise how the regular general practitioner scheme affects the prioritised themes.
The project involves cooperation between researchers from different disciplines (economics, medicine and public health) and different institutions (University of Oslo, Uni Research Rokkan centre, The University of Southern Denmark, NTNU, and cooperation with University of York, the leading centre in Europe for research in health economics).
An important aim is to establish a unique longitudinal data set with detailed patient level information from both primary and secondary care, as well as individual information on socioeconomic status, ethnicity and family relations.


  • Samarbeid med NORCE, NTNU, Syddansk Universitet, HELFO, Uni. of York
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Oddvar Martin Kaarbøe

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  • Start: januar 2019
  • Slutt: desember 2022
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