The association between level of education and snus use in Norway: Analysis of repeated cross section surveys, 2008-2015

The level of education has been negatively associated with tobacco use in the past literatures. However, most of these studies were associated with only smoking. Little research has been done to investigate the association between snus use and level of education. In the ones that included snus use in their studies, the two were not looked at separately. This thesis investigates snus users and smokers separately and whether and how the level of education is associated with snus use and how different the association is for different demographic groups. The thesis investigates in other words, the proportion who use snus within the different levels of education and other background variables. In the same way, the thesis investigates whether civil status, field of education, if the respondents think snus is harmful and observation period has something to say about snus use. In addition, the thesis compares the results with that of smokers and those who use snus as an aid to quit smoking. The observations used are taken from Statistics Norway’s Smoking Habits Survey and Travel and Holiday Survey between 2008 and 2015, and consists of cross-sectional observations for a total of 8 years.


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Knut Reidar Wangen

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  • Start: desember 2018
  • Slutt: mai 2019
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