The burden of obesity in Norway: morbidity, mortality, health service use and productivity loss

Obesity levels have escalated dramatically the past 30 years resulting in increased disease burden and major cost consequences. Nevertheless, little is known about the burden of obesity in Norway, and the identification of causal patterns is complex due to the multidimensional concept of obesity. We will use the rich and unique infrastructure for health data research in Norway along with improved statistical methods to provide comprehensive and valid estimates of the burden of obesity in Norway. Linking national register data to large scale population studies that contain obesity measures and genetic markers provides an exceptional research opportunity in a global perspective. Furthermore, applying genetic markers in instrumental variable analyses may advance causal inference by avoiding residual confounding and reverse causality. The aim of our project is to study the impact of obesity on morbidity, mortality, health service use and social insurance benefits in Norway. To achieve this we have assembled an interdisciplinary team of complementary strength in genetic epidemiology and health economics. Our results will be important to inform future health policies and obesity prevention strategies.


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Jonas Minet Kinge

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  • Start: oktober 2016
  • Slutt: oktober 2021