Exploring patient autonomy in the case of advanced cancer. A qualitative study of patient information, involvement and coping.

Currently, we have little knowledge about how patient involvement is implemented in Norwegian hospitals. In the case of advanced cancer, finding appropriate treatment levels can be challenging due to uncertain outcome, and possible side-effects. Fulfillment of the patient’s right to participate in treatment decision making presupposes that he is sufficiently informed.

The aim of this study is to explore current information practices in Norwegian hospitals for adult patients with incurable cancer/ unclear prognosis. The project consists of three sub-studies: 1) Investigating verbal communication between cancer patients and the attending physician considering patient involvement and focus on coping. 2) Exploring pancreatic cancer patients’ preferences and experiences regarding information and participation in treatment decision making; 3) Evaluation of written patient information about life-prolonging chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer.

The study has a qualitative, exploratory and descriptive design. Each sub-study will use a method appropriate for that particular part of the project, i.e.; patient interviews, text analysis and video observation. User involvement will be both a goal and a method throughout the project. The findings from this study may inform academic and clinical environments about current challenges, and highlight the need for shared, national quality criteria for patient information. Results from this study may form the basis for further work on this subject.

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  • Start: februar 2018
  • Slutt: juni 2023