Responding to inflight infections : A cross sectional study on Norwegian cabin crew members´ self-perceived preparedness level in responding to infectious disease among airline passengers

Every year more than 900 million international journeys are undertaken, exposing many people to a range of health risks. This scale of global travel is increasing the risk for and transmission of cross-border infectious diseases. Even though travelling and human mobility have always been a source for transmission of infections, the speed and scope of global air travel have now led to a global transport network for infectious diseases. World Health Organization states that in-flight transmission of infectious disease is an important global health concern.

Flight crew are required to notify any suspected infectious disease on board the aircraft. This means that detection of threats of infectious disease relies on awareness of crew members. Therefore, a cross sectional study will be carried out  to assess the preparedness of the Norwegian cabin crew members to deal with contagious disease among infectious airplane passengers.



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Osama Ahmed Hassan Ahmed

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