A qualitative study of patient’s awareness and expectations related to nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery in IRAN

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty (known as nose job), in which the nose is reshaped in order to increase facial beauty. It is said anecdotally that Iran has the highest rate of cosmetic rhinoplasty in the worldDespite the high rate of these surgeries it seems that many patients are not fully aware of complications. They also have a wide range of expectations. Verify the psychological aspect and interested factors were the topics of many articles related to rhinoplasty, however literature demonstrates the lack of research into the patient’s awareness and their expectation after surgery. Adequate information and understanding expectation are often issues of concern among Plastic surgeons and patients. Thus the results and satisfaction after surgery will be better if these two issue are given importance.

This study aims to explore patient’s awareness and expectations related to nose job which can improve or develop their satisfaction after surgery, and finding an accurate view of why nose job surgery is so common among Iranians.

The research method chosen and best suited to this study is descriptive qualitative research. The proposed method for data collection is open-ended semi structured interviews which will be audio taped to maintain accurate accounts of information given.

The participants will be those who visit admission section of the selected hospital to register a few months before surgery. Sampling will follow the saturation principle which means the number of the cases is unknown until the study is completed as the very last case will provide very little new or surprising information.

There is an expectation that the outcome of this study will raise awareness and find deep insight in to patients’ opinion and understanding their expectation for choosing nose job surgery. Also the satisfaction rate should be increasing for both surgeons and patients if patients motivation factors, their awareness and expectations considered carefully.

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