A qualitative study of the experiences and professional role of volunteer nurses at the Health Centre for Undocumented Migrants in Oslo, Norway

The Health Centre for Undocumented Migrants in Oslo provides a wide range of health care services to undocumented migrants. The patients often have ordinary health problems reflecting the general population. However, their difficult living conditions, as well as limited rights to health care, may compromise their health and exacerbate their health problems. They also have health problems linked to history of trauma and forced migration. Health care is provided for free, by a multidisciplinary group of over 180 volunteer health professionals who typically volunteer one shift per month. Hence it is a special place for health care provision, given both this organization of care and the particular situation of its patient population. The aim of the project is to explore the experiences and perspectives of the volunteer nurses at the Health Centre and how they perceive, perform, and reflect upon their work there, thus generating insight into both this particular context of care provision and the role of the nurse within it.


Qualitative methodology will be used to explore the nurses’ experiences and perceptions. Two conversational data collection methods will be used, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussion.

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Christina Brux Mburu

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  • Start: september 2017
  • Slutt: juni 2018
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