An ethnographic study of the health of migrants working as beggars and in other street-based income-generating activities in Oslo

This masters degree project will seek to explore the pre-migratory and migratory experiences of trans-migrants working as street beggars and other street based income-generating activities in Oslo; to gain deeper insight into their experiences of somatic and psychological health in Oslo; to explore how they understand and perceive city regulations on working and living and the impact that this has on their lives; and to understand the coping strategies that they use to preserve their health and to deal with health problems that arise, whilst they are in the city.

The literature review will draw on contextually and thematically relevant literature in order to describe current knowledge in the field and to justify the aforementioned research objectives.

A case will be made for the employment of qualitative methodology including semi-structured interviews, informal conversations, participant and non-participant observations, occurring across different outdoor and indoor settings in Oslo that research participants live, work and socialize in. The purpose of the methodology will be to illuminate the voice of the participants, and to shed light on the issues of concern from their own perspectives.

The research study will contribute to informing the work of Oslo Church City Mission, community self-help, and Oslo municipality policies related to use of city spaces, and services offered to trans-migrants living in the city, situated from the perspective of their health experiences.

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