Barriers and facilitators to cervical cancer screening: a qualitative study among Somali women in Oslo

This research project is a University of Oslo master’s project in international community health. The aim of the study is to explore perceptions of and perspectives on cervical cancer screening, including barriers and facilitators to screening uptake, among Somali women in Oslo. Cervical cancer is a persistent public health problem that affects women worldwide. Cervical cancer is rated as the fourth type of cancer worldwide and the second most common cancer in women living in developing countries. In Somalia, it is the second most common type of cancer affecting women of reproductive age. Early detection and treatment are important for the prevention of morbidity and mortality related to cervical cancer. Studies conducted in the United States suggest that cervical cancer-related morbidity and mortality are highest among immigrant populations and that immigrant women may be less likely than non-immigrant women to participate in cervical cancer screening. These studies indicate that Somali women, in particular, constitute one immigrant group that is less likely to participate in cervical cancer screening. Yet, little is known about the perceptions of and perspectives on cervical cancer screening among Somali women in Norway.

Methods: In achieving the study objectives, a qualitative study design is employed. Specifically, data is collected via in-depth interviews and focus group discussions through which the perceptions of and perspectives on cervical cancer screening among Somali women can be explored

Analysis: Upon completion of data collection, the researcher will engage in a systematic and comprehensive process of thematic coding and analysis.

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Christina Brux Mburu

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  • Start: august 2016
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