Death and dying biomedicalized?

Death and dying has recently come to the forefront of public and medical attention. In this project, which is a subproject of a larger NRC-funded project called Biomedicalization Inside Out (BIO), our primary aim is to contribute to this new discussion by providing a historical study of the role of physicians in particular and medicine more general during the last 70 years. Such a history has never been written. It is a theoretically informed empirical explorative study, based on conventional historical methods like source criticism, combined with analytical tools from the theory of biomedicalizaton. The material will be published and unpublished sources within this time period, as well as oral history interviews. The student will be included in a transdisciplinary team consisting of researchers from Bergen, Oslo and Baltimore (Johns Hopkins) and take part in the project’s activities. Anne Kveim Lie and Lisbeth Thoresen, who have a research experience within this period of the history of biomedicine, as well as of death and dying respectively, will closely supervise the student.

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Anne Helene Kveim Lie

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  • Start: august 2019
  • Slutt: desember 2024
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