Substance use and biomedicalization in Norway 1970–2018

At the base of this project lies a fundamental paradox: On the one hand, the
main health challenges facing contemporary society today (obesity, antibiotic
resistance, an ageing society, the rise of chronical conditions, social inequity
in health) are composite bio-social problems that require complex solutions.
On the other hand, in our contemporary societies, we increasingly rely on
biological and technoscientific solutions alone to solve these problems. In
this project, we will try to understand the preconditions for this situation by
exploring the shift that has taken place within medicine during the last 50
years or so. We will do this through the exploration of medical interventions
and technologies in three different case histories that illustrates crucial
border zones of biomedical practice: (1) somatic interventions in sex and
gender, (2) problematic use of lllicit pharmaceuticals, and (3) psychiatric
diagnosis and the law. By exploring recent transformations of biomedicine
within these three fields we also aim to contribute to the growing body of
bio-social research which revisits and redefines social medicine as a shared
domain of the social and medical sciences that offers critical analytic and
methodological tools to explain who gets sick, why they get sick and what
we can do about it. Through a close interfaculty collaboration of historians,
physicians, social scientists and doctoral candidates from the University
of Oslo, the University of Bergen, and Johns Hopkins University, this
interdisciplinary project will also contribute to and benefit from an incipient
international network in social medicine. The aim is to revitalise this field of
intersection of social sciences, the humanities and medicine by taking part in
a global effort to rethink its past, to analyze its present and to re-imagine its

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  • Start: august 2019
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