Depression and Diabetes in Brazil

This PhD project is based on a cross-sectional study in the Brazilian city of Pindoretama conducted between August 2012 and January 2013 as part of Nayla Cristina do Vale Moreira’s MPhil thesis (title: “Prevalence of diabetes and depression, and their association: a population-based study in northeastern Brazil”).

As approved by REK, there will be performed new analyses of these data. The main focus of the PhD will be cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and suitable cut-offs of HbA1c values for the diagnosis of diabetes.

Study questions:

- To study the risk of CVDs including the Framingham risk score and the relationship between CVD risk and diabetes / insulin resistance, as well as CVD risk and depression in the study population.

- To assess the prevalence of MetS following different definitions (WHO, IDF and NCEP-ATP-III) among people aged 20 years and above, and the predictive value of such definitions in the estimation of diabetes and pre-diabetes.

- To study the effect of IR as a modifier for the associations between the risk of CVDs and diabetes, as well as CVD risk and depression.

- To identify the suitable cut-off values of HbA1c for the diagnosis of DM, considering the previous WHO diagnostic criteria as gold standard, and its association with CVD risk.


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