Empowering Immigrant Women for Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Through a research-based intervention program, the overall goal of this project is to promote immigrant health by improving, evolving and adapting a preventive healthcare in the municipality. In Norway, immigrant women struggle more with overweight and obesity than ethnic Norwegian women do, and immigrant women have an increased susceptibility for diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases. Particularly Somali immigrant women faces special health challenges due to overweight and obesity. Somali women – one of the largest group of non-western immigrants in Norway – struggle with low health literacy and in general report a poorer health status than Somali men in Norway. In this study, we will measure the effect of a culturally tailored intervention package on changes in lifestyle-habits (physical activity and healthier eating), weight reduction, and cardio-metabolic outcomes, among overweight and obese Somali immigrant women.  The study will include women (aged 20-67 years) recruited from boroughs in Oslo with the highest population of Somali origin. The study composes a 12-month cluster randomized controlled trial, followed by a 12-month weight maintenance phase. The core component of the study is to counsel and empower women through group education sessions, with emphasis on physical activities and the creation of an enabling environment.  The goal is that the participants become more physically active, less sedentary, eat healthy, and maintain these changes long term. An interdisciplinary team with high cultural competence, from Oslo municipality and the University of Oslo, will lead the intervention. User involvement is included in the development, planning, implementation and dissemination of the study results. The study represents a collaboration between Oslo municipality, the University of Oslo) and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.


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  • Haakon E Meyer
  • Linn Bøhler
  • Mia Wedegren (Oslo kommune)
  • Vigdis Tvedt (Oslo kommune)
  • Mark L. Wieland (Mayo Clinic, USA)
  • Eivind Andersen (Norges idrettshøgskole)


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  • Start: juni 2019
  • Slutt: desember 2029