Health of Same-sex Attracted Women in Brazil

The study explores how health interventions and policies targeting sexual minority groups may contribute to shape the lived experiences of female homosexuality in Brazil. Through an investigation of same-sex attracted women’s daily life experiences, the study investigates how health notions and concepts – as governmental health programs in academic research and through popular and medical discourses formulate them – are incorporated and translated into women’s understandings and actions. Recognizing that individual experiences intersect with wider socioeconomic and cultural circumstances, we aim to assemble life events that describe women’s everyday practices in relation to a range of different socioeconomic statuses.

To address these issues, three main thematic areas are focused on: First, to describe how homosexual women understand themselves and perform their self-understandings in the Brazilian context; second, to identify health issues that are relevant for same-sex attracted women from their own points of view; and third, to explore women’s experiences when seeking healthcare. Taken together, the exploration of these issues holds the potential to enlarge significantly the body of knowledge about female homosexuality and health in Brazil, a theme about which knowledge is still very limited. A mix of qualitative research methods are used to generate the data for this study and ethnographic fieldwork will be carried out in the Southern part of Brazil.

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