Intergenerational link of Cardiovascular Disease and Birth Weight (A Large Population-based Study)

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the world. Experiences early in life, for example, suboptimal fetal growth have been shown to be associated with chronic diseases such as CVD and diabetes in the adulthood. The explanatory pathway underlying these associations is not clearly established. However, it has been suggested that shared environmental, genetic and intrauterine factors may be responsible for explaining these associations.

Studies investigating the association between coronary heart disease and restricted fetal growth have emphasized the influence of both genetic and shared environmental factors on the association. The evidence regarding the role of genetic factors comes from epidemiological studies reporting an inverse association between offspring birth weight and cardiovascular disease risk among both parents. Several other studies emphasized the role of environmental factors and shown that parental obesity and weight gain are associated with a high body mass index (BMI) and increased risk of obesity in the offspring. Distinguishing between different potential mechanisms (genetic and environmental) underlying reduced fetal growth and later disease association is clearly of considerable importance for understanding the etiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is crucial at this time, to test different hypotheses and to make precise estimates of the associations.

In this population-based study, we are using data from the Norwegian registries (MFR, DÅR, NUDB) and health surveys (County study, Age 40 program, CONOR) to study the transgenerational link of BW and CVD. The results would be helpful to understand the role of genetic and environmental factors in the development of cardiovascular disease. In addition, finding from our study might contribute important knowledge concerning the prevention strategies of CVD for the whole family.


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