Love, sex, relationships and HIV. A qualitative study in the South Asian communities living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Little HIV-related research has so far been carried out among African citizens with South Asian family backgrounds. People with such backgrounds may have socio-cultural characteristics that in some respects differ from other population sub-groups, and some of these may be of relevance to HIV prevention and care. This study aims to contribute new information about how Tanzanian citizens with South Asian backgrounds residing in Dar es Salaam understand and deal with HIV as a phenomenon in their lived lives, and will explore how HIV is related to conceptions and enactment of love, sex and relationships. The insights gained from this study may serve as a basis for better social and health related policies and programs, including HIV prevention programs, in Tanzania. Some key informants who may not themselves be of South Asian background will be involved in the study to elicit their views and experiences about South Asians and their perceptions regarding HIV, love, sex and relationships. Three qualitative research methods shall be employed namely, dialogical interviews, focus group discussions and participant observations.

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  • Start: august 2012
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