Maternal and Child Health

Maternal nutrition represents by far, the greatest influence amongst pregnancy environmental factors on birth weight in developing countries. It is against the above background, that a cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (cRCT) aimed at measuring the effect of dietary counseling during pregnancy on infant birth weight in Nankumba area, Mangochi district, Malawi has been planned. The counselling intervention will be developed from findings from earlier studies (a cross-sectional dietary intake survey & formative study) which will be undertaken as part of an independent sub-project, by a PhD fellow. The primary outcome in the cRCT will be infant birth weight. Secondary outcomes will be: other infant birth size parameters (length, head and abdomen circumference); maternal dietary intake (actual diet intake & related knowledge & attitudes); relative pregnancy weight gain (and maternal anthropometric status); maternal biochemical nutritional status.


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Penjani Rhoda Kamudoni

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Avdeling for samfunnsmedisin og global helse

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  • Start: juni 2015
  • Slutt: desember 2017
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