Maternal healthcare for non-Thai migrants along the Thailand-Myanmar border and in Chiang Mai City

We propose to examine maternal care in Northern Thailand for non-Thai women in rural border areas between Thailand and Myanmar and in a more urbanized area, in Chiang Mai, the largest city in Northern Thailand. While Chiang Mai continues to host large migrant populations, it does not have the same history of NGO healthcare provision as the border region. We perceive that it may be an important comparator region.

We aim to examine access to emergency c-section care for non-Thai women and migrant women’s patient experiences accessing and utilizing maternal healthcare services along the Thailand-Myanmar border in Tak province and in Chiang Mai. We will include the perspectives of: clinicians providing antenatal and birth care and female patients attending ANC clinics.

We anticipate that our research will provide important information relevant to Tak province Thailand and Chiang Mai city, which can be used to inform discussions on the continuous improvements of migrant sensitive health systems in these regions.

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  • Naomi Tschirhart
  • Dr. Chaisiri Angkurawaranon (Chiang Mai University)
  • Dr. Phudit Jatavan (Chiang Mai University)
  • Dr. Rojanasak Thongkamcharoen (Mae Sot Hospital)
  • Dr. Yuri Yanase (Nakornping Hospital)


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  • Start: februar 2018
  • Slutt: februar 2020
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