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Bone fragility is a major public health problem due to the accompanying increased morbidity, mortality and financial cost as a result of fractures. The increase in life expectancy of the population means that the annual number of fractures and associated costs are expected to increase by 50% between 2005 and 2050. Despite the high economic cost to society and personal cost to affected individuals, fracture prevention in Norway is suboptimal, as many patients do not receive available and efficient therapy. A prior fragility fracture almost doubles a patient’s future fracture risk and multiple fractures increase the risk up to five fold. Still, the majority of fragility fracture patients are neither assessed, nor treated for osteoporosis. In Norway, as in many other countries there is a large care gap that is leaving millions of fracture patients at serious risk of future fractures. A fracture liaison service model of care is recommended, but data on its effectiveness is scarce. “Norwegian Capture the Fracture Initiative”, is a cross-regional cooperative project based on initiatives of several hospital departments and universities, which aims at closing this gap by improving secondary fracture prevention. By introducing a standardized intervention program for assessment and treatment of fracture patients, we expect to document reduced rates of fractures and fracture related mortality. Seven Norwegian hospitals are randomized for the starting date of the study in a Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial design. The effect of the intervention will be measured based on endpoints from national registers. Each hospital will act as their own control, and endpoints will be compared before and after the intervention. In a consent based sub-study, risk factors for fracture will be studied, cost-utility-analysis of the intervention will be performed by health economists, and adherence to the treatment will be assessed in a quality assurance study.

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