Nutritional and inflammation status in Norwegian pregnant women

 Thesis Summary

We plan to study the nutritional and inflammation status in Norwegian pregnant women. Currently, the challenges associated with determining nutritional and inflammation status for pregnant women are ensuring validity in the data obtained from Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ) or Prenatal Diet Quality Index (PDQI) and nutritional biomarkers, while finding associations between diet quality and health biomarkers in pregnancy such as inflammation. The proposed research aims to address these challenges by utilizing data regarding PDQI and nutritional biomarkers from the Norwegian Mother Child Cohort Study (MoBa), a prospective cohort study conducted between 1999-2004 by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Our objectives are to investigate the relationship between 1) PDQI and nutritional biomarkers 2) PDQI and CRP levels 3) CRP levels and ultra-processed food consumption. The advantages of this study, including a large sample size and availability of better quality and quantity of measurements in a Norwegian setting will increase the validity of the findings. This knowledge is important because pregnant women in Norway and the world are vulnerable to malnutrition and inflammation which can lead to adverse maternal and child health outcomes. These findings will not only benefit the Norwegian government and policy makers but also provide knowledge applicable towards prenatal nutritional development worldwide.


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Cecilie Dahl

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  • Cecilie Dahl
  • Ida Caspersen (Folkehelseinstituttet)
  • Pieta Tasnim Kelsey (UiO student)


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  • Start: januar 2020
  • Slutt: juni 2021