Performance and quality of tuberculosis directly observed treatment short course strategy in Jimma Zone, Southwest Ethiopia

Tuberculosis (TB) is still a common cause of illness and death in many countries. Ethiopia is one of the countries with high burden for tuberculosis. To control the disease, directly observed treatment short course (DOTS) was launched as a universal strategy by WHO in 1994.This implies that patients must take their daily treatment under direct observation of healthcare providers. Though studies reveal that community based DOTS is more cost effective than clinic based DOTS, it is not yet scaled up in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia. Furthermore, little is known about difference between the approaches, barriers and facilitators for DOTS implementation.   

This study will be conducted to assess overall performance and quality of TB DOTS strategy and compare the two approaches in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia. We will use a case study and prospective cohort study designs with qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Moreover, eight districts and one town administration will be selected with simple random sampling technique; subsequently include all DOTS sites in sampled districts. We will conduct exit interviews, in-depth interviews, facility survey, observations, and document review. Qualitative data will be transcribed, codded, categorized, summarized in major themes and presented textually; quantitative data will be analyzed with statistical package for social science (SPSS) software. Lastly, data from different sources will be further triangulated.

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Christoph Gradmann

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  • Start: juni 2016
  • Slutt: september 2018