Physical and psychological health care for girls and women with Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)

The project will develop knowledge about the way the municipality and the specialized health care services in Norway are coordinated vertically and horizontally to cater for the needs of large groups of minority women and children. In 2013, women and children originating from countries that practice FGM/C constituted around 2 percent (44,467) of the Norwegian female population. This percentage is expected to increase due to continued migration. Around 17,300 (0,7 %) girls and women are estimated to already have been subjected to FGM/C prior to migration to Norway. The number affected by FGM/C is thereby far higher compared to those affected by HIV (5622).

This project will contribute with knowledge that can be transferred to health services dealing with mental and physical health of minority women and children in other settings. The project will address the lay health beliefs that affect the health seeking behaviour and explore the patterns of utilization of health services provided by both the biomedical and the folk health sector. This exploration will help to discover if patterns of utilization satisfy health care needs or whether there are challenges or shortcomings due to lay beliefs and resistance, or as a consequence of high thresholds, low degree of availability, low acceptability or lack of symmetry in dialogue and communication within the biomedical system.

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