Responses to sexual violence against minors: A qualitative study in Homa Bay County, Kenya

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a major global health challenge with higher prevalence reported in Sub Saharan Africa. According to a Kenyan Violence Against Children survey, 7% of females aged 18 to 24 experienced forced coitus prior to age 18. Despite the high prevalence, little is known on the CSA influencing factors, structural and institutional responses to sexual violence. Therefore, the study aims to provide an understanding of factors influencing CSA and existing institutional and structural responses. Measures for prevention of CSA will be proposed. In addition, strategies facilitating partnerships for purposes of promoting a multisectoral approach towards prevention of CSA will be identified. The study will take place in Western Kenya. Data collection will involve: document reviews, in depth interviews, focus group discussions and case studies. Findings will be disseminated through meetings with research participants and stakeholders, a doctoral thesis and published articles.

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Ruth Jane Prince

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  • Start: august 2015
  • Slutt: juli 2018
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