Responses to sexual violence against minors: A qualitative study of Homa Bay County, Western Kenya.

Child sexual abuse is a major global public health challenge. In Sub-Saharan Africa, weak institutions compounded with social norms tolerant to child sexual abuse exacerbate the problem. However there are huge knowledge gaps regarding individual, social, communal and societal factors influencing sexual abuse as well as structural/ institutional responses to sexual violence against minors. In Kenya, research on sexual violence shows an alarming rate of minors presenting to health facilities for post rape care services. Research on the social, communal and societal context under which sexual violence occurs, and on the capacity of relevant institutions mandated to prevent sexual violence against minors, is non-existent. The study aims to provide an understanding of factors influencing sexual violence against minors and existing institutional/structural responses to sexual violence. The study will take place in western Kenya. Document reviews, in depth interviews, focus group discussions and case studies will be employed. Study findings will be disseminated through a stakeholders’ workshop, a doctoral thesis and published articles.

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Ruth Jane Prince

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  • Start: august 2015
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