Socio-economic factors associated with access to HIV testing and treatment for women of reproductive age in Bangui, Central African Republic.


HIV still claims more than one million lives yearly across the world, although the increased availability of antiretroviral treatment contributes to prevention of transmission, and to mortality reduction. Of all patients tested positive for HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa, only about 25 % start treatment. There is an urgent need to investigate the causes for loss to follow-up of HIV positive patients. In 2010, the Central African Republic had an HIV prevalence of 4,9%, but only an estimated 18 % of these were on treatment. There is currently almost no research on the low rate of testing and the small proportion of HIV positive patients on treatment in CAR. Research in other countries has indicated that cost could be a barrier to health care. 


Research aim

To investigate the association between socio-economic factors and access to HIV testing and treatment for women of reproductive age in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR).



A prospective cohort study conducted at a maternity clinic in the PK5 district, Bangui, between July and December 2017. Data on socio-economic factors will be collected through a questionnaire before an HIV test is performed.  Patients refusing testing will only be included in the first part of the study. In the second part of the study, patients accepting the rapid test will be tested and those who are positive will have confirmatory test done before they are referred to a treatment facility. They will be followed until a CD4 test determining their stage of infection, i.e. their treatment eligibility, has been completed at the facility they have been referred to. Statistical tests will be performed to investigate associations between socio-economic status of the patient and the choice to be tested, as well as the success of referral to a treatment unit.

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