Studies towards understanding and developing tuberculosis Control Strategy pertinent to pastoralist's way of life in Ethiopia

Globally, tuberculosis (TB) kills up to 2 million people annually. In Ethiopia, pastoralists (cattle herders) constitute about 10 million. Pastoralists migrate seasonally in search of water and pasture and have one of the highest TB burden in Ethiopia. However, conventional TB treatment/control, based on DOTS strategy, with fixed health infrastructures are not suitable to the pastoral way of life. Therefore, the objective of the project is to develop TB control strategy pertinent to pastoralists’ way of life, after assessing determinants of TB control and management, including availability of health facilities (diagnostic facility); health seeking behavior, understand knowledge, perception and attitude of pastoralists and traditional healers about TB, and DOTS. Based on data generated, TB control strategy that involves pastoralist health workers (PHWs) will be developed and evaluated. The project will have three phases: baseline data collection; implementation of control tactics, and evaluation, and will be implemented in two comparative communities. Antall deltakere: I Norge: 0 I utlandet: 38 Samtykkebasert

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  • Start: juni 2014
  • Slutt: juni 2017
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