The influence of climate change and air pollution on fracture risk

This project is one of three work packages (WP) in the NFR funded project ‘Novel aspects of an old problem. The Norwegian Epidemiologic Osteoporosis Studies (NOREPOS)’

PI is Haakon E. Meyer.

NOREPOS is a collaboration between researchers at the four medical faculties in Norway and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a unique tool that can combine environmental exposures from several sources with individual-level demographic data (such as socioeconomic status) and fracture outcome from national registers. In this WP, we will include existing information on day-to-day weather conditions, long-term weather changes, topography and air pollution (NordicWelfAir model), and combine this with fracture outcome data from NORHip (hip fractures, 1999-2013) and the Norwegian Patient Registry (NPR, forearm fractures, 2008-2017). A validation of the fracture diagnoses from NPR will be performed independently of the proposed project. This will lead us to develop a set of indicators based on temporal-spatial modelling which may subsequently be used as a tool for municipalities for improved prediction of surges in fracture risk based on local weather forecast.


Study questions:

  1. What impact do climate change and day-to-day weather conditions have on fracture risk?
    1. Has the seasonal variation in fracture risk changed over time, and does this variation coincide with climate change?
    2. Which weather conditions predict increased fracture risk?


  1. Are air pollution levels associated with fracture risk, and has this association changed over time?


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