Transfer of new technology and its adaptation in clinical use among health care workers in Tanzania

Haydom Lutheran Hospital is one of eight sites in the Tanzanian “Helping Babies Breathe” evaluation program to reduce perinatal mortality initiated by Laerdal Global Health AS. Observational data shows that infants with abnormal fetal heart rate record and who require face mask ventilation are more likely to die, particularly when interventions are delayed or prolonged. The objectives of the project "Safer Birth" are to compare different devices for intermittent fetal heart rate assessment related to perinatal outcome, define the normal cardio-respiratory adaption at birth, determine ventilation properties beneficial for neonatal outcome, factors contributing to the need for prolonged face mask ventilation support, and to compare different devices for newborn face mask ventilation related to neonatal outcome. The planned research project is sponsored by Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine and Laerdal Global Health AS and will consist of four parts conducted at Haydom Lutheran Hospital in the time period 2013 – 2016. 1. A descriptive and analytic observational cohort study using an automatic fetal heart rate monitor and a resuscitation monitor to capture and store biomedical signal data during labor and extention through neonatal cardio-respiratory adaption and resuscitation. 2. Training interventions to narrow knowledge and skills gaps identified. 3. Randomized controlled trials comparing different equipment for fetal heart rate assessment during labor and different methods of face mask ventilation applications. 4. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of feasibility, acceptability, and user-friendliness of the different equipment in use.

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Johanne Sundby

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  • Sara Rivenes Lafontan
  • Hege Langli Ersdal (University of Stavanger)
  • Columba Kokusiima Mbekenga (Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences)


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