Unmet health needs among disabled children in rural Ethiopia

Everyone has the right to access a timely, acceptable and affordable health care of appropriate quality. However unmet health needs are increasing globally affecting mainly the vulnerable population. Disabled children are among the most vulnerable and marginalized segment of the population experiencing higher rates of deprivation of basic needs. In general disabled children are more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, neglect or discrimination than children without disabilities. Disabled children are also more susceptible to other types of disability usually as complication of their current impairment. Poverty eradication is the main agenda in the post 2015 targets. In order to attain this, countries must work towards having healthy population and ensuring participation of all groups. The few researches from LMIC countries have highlighted problems in accessing health care among disabled people which will in turn jeopardize the current targets set by United Nations.

The main aim of this study will be to assess the health needs and identify factors contributing to unmet health needs among disabled children in rural Ethiopia. Relevant articles will be searched on online medical databases: PubMed, Ovid and Cochrane. Strategic search terms will include “unmet health needs”, “disability”, “developing countries”, “Africa” and ‘’Ethiopia”. Because of few researches done on the health needs of disabled individuals, “access to healthcare”, “healthcare utilization” will be included in the search terms. The search will be limited to all age groups, English language, humans and full text availability. Cochrane library will also be searched for any review of health needs of disabled individuals with a focus on developing countries.      

This is a masters degree project under the Master in International Community Health

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