A comparison of the effectiveness of normal saline mouthwash and mouthwash based on tea solution from Salvia Officinalis (SO) in palliative care. A randomized controlled trial

Oral discomfort is a common complain among patients in hospice facilities and may affect the quality of life. Cancer treatments and medications, as well as the disease itself, have several side effects on patients’ oral health. These effects often have a significant impact on saliva flow, which can lead to oral complications, such as xerostomia, infections, stomatitis, caries, coated mouth and tongue, pain or altered taste. This study examines the effectiveness of an herbal mouthwash made from salvia officinalis (SO) in maintaining good oral health among patients in palliative care. It is hypothesized that using the mouthwash made from SO will result in better oral health and more oral comfort than using with conventional normal saline mouthwash. 

This pilot was a prospective, single-blinded, block-randomized controlled. The data were collected from patients at Hospice Lovisenberg in Oslo, Norway. The Regional Committee for Medical Research Ethics, Health Region South – East Norway, approved the main study of 88 participants in October 2013. The study was registered with ClinicalTrials.gov in February 2014. A multi-disciplinary group, with representatives from the fields of palliative care and dentistry, developed the study protocol and all study procedures.


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