Egenomsorg og pasientundervisning ved Diabetes 2 i Etiopia

The main objective of the project is to assess effects of DSME on behavioural (self-care practice including nutrition and activity, medication adherence and healthcare utilization), clinical (BP, BMI, WC, BGL and HbA1c) and psychosocial (HRQoL, depression, anxiety, self-efficacy and diabetes knowledge,), outcomes among adults with T2DM in Ethiopia, and specifically in Jimma zone. The purpose of this study is therefore, to determine the effectiveness of DSME as a model that can be gauged by its effectiveness on glycemic control and experience of HRQoL by adults with T2DM. If the model is found effective and culture friendly research undertaken in this study will help to inform relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations to scale-up and use DSME in different health care settings in caring for people with type 2 diabetes.

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Anne Moen

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Avdeling for sykepleievitenskap (SYKVIT)



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  • Start: juni 2015
  • Slutt: juli 2021