Knowledge translation in HIV/AIDS prevention: between politics, science and the social

This project seeks to investigate the ways in which knowledge in HIV/AIDS prevention is made, transferred and implemented from clinical trials to community uptake. In particular the project aims at looking at how knowledge is 'translated' from 'bench to trench'. The project aims at giving a description of how biomedical HIV/AIDS interventions are reliant on social factors that either foreclose or enable certain ways of understanding, using and relating to biomedical preventive technologies such as novel drugs be it PEP, or PrEP.

The project also investigates how this kind of preventive biomedical interventions also calls for health literate subjects. In one and the same turn of events, HIV/AIDS prevention calls for subjects that on the one hand are seen as in need of biomedical interventions yet on the other hand the very same preventive intervention presupposes a  rational actor that 'knows' how to use these biomedical technologies, calculate risk, and understand how to best minimize ones own risk of acquiring an HIV infection.

The project thus engages with the ways in which biomedical HIV/AIDS interventions inevitably also need and indeed rely on social interventions that more often than not are firmly located in a particular, localized setting contrary to the clinical trials which are often bracketed as being universal and objective. Furthermore, the localized and social is often also in need of qualitative research rather than large clinical trials. This too represents a paradox and tension within medical research on HIV/AIDS prevention  

The project is a document analysis of key text from the WHO and CDC and other health authorities and will circle around the question of how PrEP is being framed, how the concept of sexual health is being connected to the concept of sustainability and finally how these founding documents also frame, and translate various forms of knowledge that has to do with HIV/AIDS prevention. 

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Tony Joakim Sandset

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  • Start: mars 2017
  • Slutt: mars 2019
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