Development of a decision support system to prevent and treat disease-related malnutrition

Development of a decision support system to prevent and treat disease-related malnutrition

Disease-related malnutrition is a common challenge in patients with chronic or severe diseases. Malnutrition has several sever health-related consequences for the patient and significant economic consequences for the health care system.

There seems to be a lack of an effective system to monitor dietary intake, implement actions and follow-up nutritional treatment in the Norwegian health care system. We identify a need for a more standardized system for dietary assessment, prevention, and treatment of disease-related malnutrition which may provide nurses and health care professionals with less degree of uncertainty.

We develop a decision support system with an application and a webserver. The system contains three main modules: 1) a module for assessment of patients’ dietary intake; 2) a module for automatically evaluation of dietary intake against individually based requirements; and 3) generation of a report including key information for the electronic journal and recommendations for actions.

We will perform an evaluation study to study how accurate the system measures the patient’s dietary intake and an intervention study to measure implementation and effect. In the intervention study we will use a RCT design and study effects of using the system on patients’ body composition, weight development, creation of a nutrition plan, etc. compared to patients following regular hospital routines. We will also study clinical implementation of the tool among nurses.

Our ambition is to develop a validated decision support system for individual nutritional treatment among patients at nutritional risk, with the potential for development and use in other sectors like nursing homes and among home-dwelling elderly.

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