Early promotion of healthy dietary habits: Targeting kindergarten and home environments in a three-armed intervention study.

Early childhood is important for establishing healthy dietary habits. The importance of early prevention of social inequalities in health and promotion of a healthy diet early in life is highlighted in strategic document from health authorities at all levels. Despite the recognition of early prevention as important, reviews show that there so far has been much more studies targeting school-aged children than pre-school children. The reason may be that schools until now have been the best place to reach all children, but in Norway the attendance in kindergartens is now 90% of the age group 1-5 years, making it a highly relevant setting for interventions. Moreover, national dietary surveys among Norwegian pre-schoolers have identified several dietary challenges which may be important to target in an intervention. The overall objective for the proposed project is to develop, implement and evaluate a theory and evidence-based intervention targeting healthy eating of 3-5 year olds through environmental changes in the kindergarten and the home in a three-armed, group-randomized controlled study design. The intervention development will follow the Intervention Mapping approach. The intervention will be implemented for 1 year with one immediate evaluation and one follow-up evaluation one year after. The two intervention arms of the study will consist of one targeting the kindergarten personnel only and one targeting both kindergarten personnel and parents. The project will contribute with important knowledge and experience related to adoption, implementation, effects and sustainability of a kindergarten intervention within the existing educational and health promoting system in Norway. This knowledge will result in a "best-practice" document. The study will bring the research field forward assessing the role of kindergarten personnel and parents in the promotion of healthy dietary habits - aiming for early prevention of social inequalities in health.

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