Effekt av melkeproteiner på kroppssammensetning, muskelstyrke, inflammasjon og benhelse hos eldre personer

Changes in body composition (increased fat mass and reduced muscle mass) occur with aging. The underlying mechanism includes hormonal changes, insulin resistance, changes in pro-inflammatory cytokines, loss of appetite, inadequate physical activity and diet. Reduced muscle mass and low muscle strength is a highly prevalent condition in older persons, and it has been suggested that about 10-40 % of persons older than 60 years are affected. It is expected that increased muscle mass and function in the elderly improve the ability to perform activities of daily living and quality of life. The role of proteins (amino acids) as regulators of muscle protein synthesis is well known, but the optimal protein intake to maintain muscle mass and strength in older individuals is uncertain.


The aim of the present study is to investigate effects of a daily intake of milk for 24 weeks on body composition and muscle strength, inflammation, appetite, DNA damage/repair and PBMC whole genome transcriptomics in elderly subjects  in elderly persons with reduced muscle mass and reduced muscle strength. Additionally, data from the screening visit will be used to investigate the prevalence of age-related loss of muscle mass and muscle strength, and factors associated with such age-related changes will be described from these cross-sectional data.


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Kirsten Bjørklund Holven

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