Pilot and reproducibility study of a web-based food frequency questionnaire

There are several methods for the assessment of dietary intake. However, all self-reported dietary assessment methods are challenging. People often do not remember what they have eaten or know the content of foods eaten, do not remember everything eaten and have difficulties in estimating portion sizes. Furthermore, factors such as sex and weight status can bias reports of diet.

Validated and standardized dietary assessment instruments are therefore needed.  

The primary aim of this project is to pilot test and evaluate the reproducibility of a newly developed internet based food frequency questionnaire (FFQ).

The specific aims are:

1. The pilot study: to conduct a pilot study among Norwegian adults to investigate the feasibility of the the FFQ, and furthermore to evaluate the dietary results by e.g. the Goldberg & Black cut-off values for energy intake, and comparison with other relevant dietary data (data from the latest national dietary survey Norkost 3). We will also include focus groups / discussion groups to get feedback from the participants about the feasibility of the FFQ.

2. The reproducibility study: to study the reproducibility of the internet based FFQ among a representative sample of Norwegian adults.


Study sample:

The pilot study will include a representative national sample of 5000 adults (2500 women and 2500 men), whereas 500 adults will be invited to the reproducibility study. The subjects Will be in the age group 18-75 years, be drawn by the National Tax office/Population Registration Office.


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