Reset or restart: fasting/refeeding-driven mechanisms of adipocyte differentiation, refilling and weight regain

The World Health Organization estimates that over 2 billion adults worldwide are overweight, including 1 billion clinically obese. Obesity, and its associated metabolic disorders has, a mixed etiology so there is a need for multiple therapeutic strategies. Conservative weight loss therapy seeks to reduce energy intake and increase energy expenditure. But for many obese patients this is unsuccessful as they suffer from weight regain. A central link between environment and phenotype is the epigenome, the record of chemical modifications on chromosomes, which modulate gene expression. The Reset or Restart project aims to unveil, in stem cells from fat tissue, epigenetic mechanisms that underline the reduction and expansion of fat tissue in obese patients undergoing weight loss and weight regain. Our main hypothesis is that repeated cycles of nutrient restriction and availability epigenetically predispose fat stem cells for increased lipid storage capacity. We will develop a repetitive fat stem cell fasting and refeeding system and analyze the response of these cells to these regimes. This will be studied using fat stem cells from control and obese patients. The project combines cell biology, cell physiology, biochemical and high-throughput genomics approaches aimed to unveil novel aspects of fat stem cell biology relevant for obesity and weight regain.


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  • Start: november 2020
  • Slutt: november 2023