Good fat, bad fat: regulation of adipose tissue distribution

Obesity and associated metabolic outcomes define the metabolic syndrome, one of the most serious public health challenges. Yet, an under-appreciated fact is that body fat distribution, rather than total body fat amount, is a key determinant of metabolic disease. In contrast to upper-body obesity, lower-body fat accumulation inversely correlates with metabolic risks. Understanding processes regulating upper- vs. lower-body fat expansion is paramount to predict and combat these risks. Paradoxally, a hotspot mutation in nuclear lamin A causes rare partial lipodystrophies (FPLD2) leading to lower-body lipoatrophy, upper body fat accumulation and metabolic disorders; thus FPLD2 recapitulates features of obesity. Given our experience with FPLD2-linked adipocyte dysfunction, we propose FPLD2 as a model system to study obesity-linked metabolic disorders and fat depot-specific dysfunction. We combine functional studies, genomics, proteomics and clinical data analysis to identify mechanisms of depot-specific fat expansion and seek markers predicting metabolic outcomes of obesity. A main challenge is to what extent we can address the true relevance of the markers we will identify for metabolic risk. Importantly though, we dispose of preadipocytes from patient-paired abdominal and gluteal fat (native and immortalized), and using molecular and physiology measures, we will unveil new aspects of adipocyte biology relevant for obesity.


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