SF_Metab - Metabolic regulation of nuclear architecture

Metabolism of nutrients in stem cells is essential for their ability to differentiate into various cell types. We are starting to understand how nutrient availability is connected to the organization of chromosomes and genes in the cell nucleus. This organization is regulated by modifications of chromosomes that influence which genes are expressed or shut down, and thus the differentiation program of stem cells. The host laboratory has recently found that during the differentiation of fat tissue stem cells from into adipocytes, dynamic interactions of chromosome domains with the nuclear envelope involve chemical modifications of chromosomes that depend on glucose metabolism. We propose to study a new molecular pathway that connects glucose metabolism to chromosome organization in fat stem cells. We will alter, through molecular and genetic studies, the histone content in chromosomes and determine changes in chromosome associations with the nuclear envelope, and effect on adipogenic differentiation. We will determine how manipulating the metabolic state of fat stem cells affects spatial chromosome arrangements. This study will provide a picture of how the metabolic state of fat stem cells affects the spatial organization of genes and their differentiation potential.


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Philippe Collas

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  • Start: september 2016
  • Slutt: august 2018