Debating the Dead Donor Rule [3DR]

The overall aim of the convergence environment is to increase availability and function of donor organs for transplantation and to create societal awareness and debate on ethical issues using Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD). DCD is currently not used in Norway, although common in other European countries. We suggest a new additional concept, the use of hearts for transplantation after DCD. By developing a new preservation fluid for DCD, our goal is to solve the most common obstacles to successful organ donation; the detrimental organ damage due to insufficient blood flow (ischemia) and return of oxygen (reperfusion). If we succeed, this would be a paradigm shift for organ donation medicine. However, heart transplantation from DCD raises scientific, ethical, practical and philosophical challenges concerning the very limit of life and death. A critical factor for its success is thus a scientifically informed ethical and political debate on the Dead Donor Rule, an important ethical medical standard. These challenges involve the entire convergence environment and are crucial to solve if the eminent shortage of hearts for transplantation is to be overcome in the future.

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  • Start: januar 2020
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