High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging of regional myocardial function

After myocardial infarction, the pumping capacity of the heart is critically dependent on the regional function in the surviving myocardium. However, knowledge regarding post-infarction regional function is currently incomplete. This is particularly due to a lack of established imaging methods.

The purpose of this project is to exploit cutting-edge cardiac MRI to investigate regional myocardial function in patients with infarction.

The present project is highly suitable for a medical student with particular interest in disease mechanisms and medical methodology. The project will be carried out at IEMR (UiO/OUS), a research environment with long experience in cardiovascular research, MR research, and in supervising medical students toward PhDs. The student will be a part of the MR research team at IEMR and the project carried out in close collaboration with the scientific and technical staff. The MI patients are available through an ongoing clinical study (ASSAIL-MI).

The main impact of the study is linked to exploitation of several novel imaging methods to gain new knowledge into regional myocardial function following MI. Particularly, we will bring a recently established novel preclinical method to the clinic. The methodological aspect of this project is highly innovative and in the forefront of cardiovascular imaging research


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