High-grade malignancies of the skull base: a multidisciplinary approach

Diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of high-grade malignancies of the skull base is challenging. Recent development in medicine makes it possible to obtain disease control with acceptable quality of life where treatment opportunities were highly limited earlier.

Patients with these conditions seek usually physicians in primary care, neurologists, otolaryngologists or ophthalmologists with presenting symptoms, before they can be evaluated for treatment by neurosurgeons, head and neck surgeons, eye surgeons and oncologists.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the multimodal treatment of the most common high-grade malignancies (such as squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, olfactory neuroblastoma and sarcoma) of the anterior skull base in the South-Eastern Norwegian Health Region (HSØ).

We wish to evaluate diagnostic procedures, treatment and follow-up, nevertheless we seek to identify characteristics of these diseases, risk factors for failure and possible success factors of treatment, hence to promote innovation and development. We wish to compare our results to previously published international data, to see where our procedures are functioning well and where we can be better in treating our patients.

We believe that this project can improve the treatment of patients with these malignancies in Norway by systematically evaluating diagnostic protocols, treatment, outcomes and relating our results to international benchmarks.


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Marton Skog Steinberger König

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  • Start: august 2016
  • Slutt: august 2021