Traumatic brain injury; needs and treatment options in the chronic phase. A randomized controlled community-based intervention.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a condition affecting the persons’ central nervous system with a need for extensive and highly specialized initial health care provision followed by comprehensive rehabilitation efforts. Frequent and life-long medical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes are expected. The community-based services are largely responsible for dealing with the chronic challenges affecting people with TBI.

120 patients  with (18-72 years) with clinical TBI diagnosis on acute admission and verified injury-related intracranial abnormalities reporting cognitive, emotional and physical problems more than years after the injury will be included and randomized to a patient-centered in-home program intervention  and treatment as usual. The intervention consists of an individualized and goal-oriented intervention will be provided in the persons’ home environment in close collaboration with family members and local health care providers.  Assessments  will be conducted at baseline, at the end of the intervention 4 months after inclusion and one year after inclusion. Primary outcome is participation (Part-O) and general health (Qolibri). Also acceptability and satisfaction with the intervention

will be assessed by patient, family member and health professional. The project will contribute to increased understanding of knowledge transfer processes, and dissemination of evidence based practice for TBI. Thus, the project has the potential to improve the current health care for patients with TBI and its delivery.


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  • Marianne Løvstad
  • Ida Maria Henriksen Borgen
  • Nada Hadzic-Andelic
  • Solveig Lægreid Hauger (OUS/Sunnaas)
  • Marit Forslund (OUS)
  • Ingerid Kleffelgård (OUS)
  • Helene Søberg (OUS/Oslo Met)
  • Unni Sveen (OUS/Oslo Met)
  • Audny Anke (UNN/UIT/CHARM UIO)
  • Marte Ørud Linstad (NTNU)
  • Laraine Winter (Philadelphia Research and Education Foundation)
  • Juan Lu (Virginia Commonwealth University/CHARM)


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  • Start: oktober 2017
  • Slutt: desember 2027