Social determinants of health on utilization of maternal health care in rural and urban context in Ethiopia: a multi-level approach.

Ethiopia is one of the sub-Saharan African countries that experience the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world; 412 per 100,000 live births. Most maternal mortalities and disabilities are due to direct obstetric complications, which are avoidable if women can get adequate and timely antenatal (ANC), delivery, and post-delivery services. The use of ANC, delivery, and postnatal services are low and vary by region. The proposed study intends to support Ethiopia’s activities to improve maternal health by identifying factors that influence the utilization of maternal health care services at different levels, particularly antenatal and delivery care services. The study aims to identify: individual and community level factors associated with use of ANC and delivery services and determine the level and trends in antenatal care and institutional delivery service utilization over time in Ethiopia. A retrospective quantitative cross-sectional study design will be used to analyse data from the 2000, 2005, 2011, and 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey to identify the individual and community level factors associated with antenatal care visits and institutional deliveries among women who had a live birth during five years preceding the actual survey. Poisson model for count data as well as by taking into account the nested structure of the data, multilevel logistic regression will be employed to a nationally tentative representative sample of 21,539 nested with in 1768 communities. The model parameter estimates will be obtained in the statistical software StataSE 15 using the restricted maximum likelihood method (REML).



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Jeanette H. Magnus

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